UpRiser Stories

UpRiser Stories

Will Dyer

UpRising Leadership Programme London 2015/16

I first heard about Uprising when I was at university. I was looking around for projects to bulk up my CV, given the jobs market - especially the political jobs market that I wanted to go into - was incredibly competitive. Even going to the interview, I knew that UpRising meant business. I had been doing some work with the Lib Dems and had started a new post at Britain Stronger IN Europe. Having to talk [to UpRising] about why I decided on this career path, helped me make it clearer in my mind and more determined to carry it out. Throughout the programme, this only got stronger. The quality of the speakers was so strong and they were so willing to engage with you as if we were in any other networking environment. Many of the speakers and most of my cohort are now friends; many of whom I have worked with since. I am now working as Membership Development Manager at Liberal Democrats HQ, Westminster and was elected late this year to the party's Federal Board. I also stood for the party as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow during the 2017 snap general election. UpRising helped someone in their early 20s with those soft skills that were so vital to building a successful career.


Joseph Hyat

UpRising Leadership Programme London 2015/16

Prior to UpRising, I had been fortunate to have had a somewhat successful career, having studied at De Montfort University and the University of Westminster and worked for channels including Channel 4 and Russia Today. UpRising re-defined my leadership skills, transforming my passions into actions. I have since become a licensed pilot and obtained a BA Hons in Airline & Airport Management transforming my passion into expertise. An ambition to return to the political sphere is also now on the cards thanks to my excellent Member of Parliament mentor.


Haleema Ali

UpRising Leadership Programme Bedford & Luton 2016/17

Leadership underpins all of things I have been involved in, so UpRising was an invaluable experience, which I have recommended to many young people. Through UpRising, I was able to form a partnership with Luton Culture, who I have since been asked on multiple occasions to work with for various arts and culture projects. It was also a great way to network with amazing individuals from various organisations, as well as making new friends with other like-minded individuals on the course. Since graduating from UpRising, I gained a job as an Education Executive with the Prince's Trust. I believe that the leadership qualities I gained through UpRising, in managing the smARTer Luton campaign, was great experience for my current role. UpRising opened up opportunities I would not have gained otherwise. The smARTer Luton project also gained a lot of support. We have run events even after finishing UpRising and we have a lot of exciting projects coming up!


Sinead Fenton

Environmental Leadership Programme London 2016/17

I applied for UpRising during quite a turbulent time both professionally, in terms of trying to redirect my passions into something that gave me a sense of purpose, and also personally, as I struggled with anxiety and was a point where I wanted and needed change, but did not have the tools to begin that journey of change. UpRising was a vital support network for me and provided me with the tools to be able to make changes in my life that have got me to a point I never believed I could be in. UpRising taught me that in any experience, be it good or bad, find the good, find the lesson, find the meaning and harness that experience to your benefit, make it your opportunity; and I have done exactly that for the past year, I’ve made decisions and taken leaps of faith I never would have prior to being on the programme. Today, I now run a food growing social enterprise, Audacious Veg, and channel my love for the outdoors and the environment with wanting to empower people through skills building, training and working with underrepesented groups within the local community and wider horticultural landscape.


Venandah Madanhi

UpRising Leadership Programme Birmingham 2016/17

UpRising helped me to discover my love for working with Young People. Since leaving the programme, I have successfully run my own social action campaign named ‘Our Brexit’ and I now work for UpRising as the Programme Co-ordinator for the Find Your Voice Programme. I have appeared on ITV News discussing the Youth Vote and the Snap General Election 2017. I also interviewed West Midlands Mayoral Candidates including Mayor Andy Street. I am now planning to start a social enterprise and taking part in the BSEEN Programme. UpRising helped me discover a passion that wakes me up every morning and it can do the same for you!'


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