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UpRising Leadership Programme



Homelessness, stereotypes, education, politics, health…


Do you want to tell the people in charge of your city, face-to-face, how you’d like to see things get better?


Do you want to know how-to transform your community for the better?

We’re searching for passionate, enthusiastic young adults to join our Leadership Programme.

The Programme

One evening, every other week for nine months, alongside 40 like-minded and diverse future leaders, you will: 

  • Get to know top UK leaders and discover how they make decisions that affect you.

  • Meet the campaigners and organisations fighting for social change and learn first-hand how they do it.

  • Create your own social action campaign to make a difference on the issue you care about most.

  • Attend hands-on workshops, such as networking, leading teams, media training and more.

  • Recieve one-to-one support from a personal coach and a professional mentor in a career of your choice.



In 2017-18 our Programme Participants met, networked and learned from organisations such as: Standard Chartered, Cancer UK, Change.org, KPMG, Bloomberg, Dong Energy, Lexis Nexis, BodyTalk UK, BBC, PwC, Birmingham, Manchester and London Councils and universities, The Guardian, Almeida Theatre and many more.


“UpRising has been an incredible experience which has helped me to grow in confidence and become aware of the many talents that I have. The Programme really has changed my life and inspired me to continue to work to develop the community around me.”
Rebecca Roberts, London UpRiser 2016/17



The Leadership Programmes have already ended for the 2017/18 year, and the 2018/19 Programmes have begun! However you can express your interest for the 2019/20 Programmes that start in October 2019! 

Please see 'Location' below to find out if this year's programme will be in a region near you.

Programme sessions take place one evening a week, every other week. They’re hosted with organisations from across all sectors, giving you a unique look behind the scenes of what’s going on in your city.

If you’re aged 19-25, live, work or study in Birmingham, Cardiff, Bedford & Luton or Manchester, and you’re passionate about making your mark in your city, we’d love to hear from you.


68% of UpRisers gained employment after completing the Programme


Our Leadership Programme runs in

- Bedford & Luton

- Birmingham

- Cardiff

- Manchester

There are just 40 places up for grabs in each city. Register your interest here.

The next programme will run in October 2018. If the Leadership Programme doesn't run in your city, why not have a look at the Environmental Leadership Programme and Fastlaners.

We are currently fundraising to run these programmes. You can help us reach our target by setting up regular giving or donating directly to the UpRising charity here.

Keep an eye on our twitter and website for the latest news.


"It was a privelege to host the Leadership Programme graduation at Trafford Town Hall and welcome such an incredible set of young, talented and committed leaders with huge potential to have a positive impact on their communities."
Cllr Sean Anstee, Leader of Trafford Council


There’s no strict criteria to get involved. All we ask is that you are:

  • 19-25

  • Live in Cardiff, Bedford & Luton, Manchester or Birmingham 

  • Have a desire to change the world around you for the better

  • Want to learn how power operates and how you can make a difference

Sound good?

If you have any questions about the Programme get in touch with your local UpRising office for a chat.


52% reported taking on a role of leadership since completing the programme.