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Surviving to Thriving



surviving to thrive imageProviding 500 young, unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 11-25 with practical life skills, mental health support, and leadership opportunities.

The project, starting in September 2017, is a unique partnership between UpRising, the British Red Cross and the Refugee Council and will run until late 2018.
Surviving To Thriving is funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery
Please visit The British Red Cross' project page to find out more. 

The Programme

With our Surviving to Thriving partners, the project offers three unique ways that asylum seekers and refugees can develop their leadership and practical life skills - alongside looking after their mental health and well-being.
We’ll introduce young refugees to the idea of leadership and social action, whilst building self-esteem and other key soft skills to raise their confidence and aspiration. 
This is done through our three month, part-time programme ‘Find your Power’,  that introduces social action as a means to develop leadership skills and community engagement.
The British Red Cross 
Offers one to work casework to young refugees aged 15-21, and regular group sessions to develop social networks, increase their skills, knowledge and confidence about their situation and help with accessing their rights and entitlements. 
They’ll also be outings and local cultural orientation activities. 
The Refugee Council 
Offers therapeutic counselling to young refugees aged 11-18, using a combination of creative therapeutic approaches such as drama or art therapy and one to one counselling. 
This will help young people to address their traumatic experiences and re-gain their well-being. 


Surviving to Thriving started in September 2017 and runs throughout 2018 in Bedfordshire & Luton, Cambridgeshire and Birmingham. 
To find out specific dates, please visit the region pages below. 
Each programme has 15 places.


UpRising activity takes place in Birmingham, Bedford & Luton and Cambridgeshire.


Surviving to Thriving is now accepting referrals.
To apply or refer a young person to UpRising Activity or partner projects email:
For more information about UpRising’s involvement in this project email,  

UpRising National Programme Lead: Alex Wrack
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