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My Voice, My Vote



My Voice, My Vote was a one-year Programme that we delivered across 2014-15

We worked with 550 young people, who were eligible to vote for the very first time in the 2015 general election and built their understanding and confidence in the democratic process.  

The Programme

We worked with NCS graduates in Luton, Bedford, Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent London and Birmingham.

My Voice, My Vote participants worked together to run a social action campaign and themes included mental health, immigration, body image and domestic abuse.

They also learnt directly from leaders about decision making and organised a hustings for Parliamentary candidates in their area.

By getting involved social action and understanding more about how decisions get made, the young people were better equipped to champion and and make a real difference to the issues that they care about.


"My Voice My Vote has been fantastic. Before the Programme, I wasn't interested in politics whatsoever. It was really helpful to learn party manifestos and discover what each party plans to do to help young people.
My Voice My Vote has shown that young people have the power to change Britain."
Emma, My Voice My Vote


In just 1 year My Voice, My Vote achieved big things,

  • 24 Programmes delivered in 7 locations

  • 551 young people graduated

  • 240 guest speakers & trainers

  • 95 social action campaigns

  • 22 Youth Political Debates held with 1,500 young people and 140 political leaders

  • Partnered with Sky News for their ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ campaign,

  • Staged a ‘Democracy Cafe’ with 120 young people politicians at the House of Commons

  • Delivered a big, viral 'Register to Vote' Campaign

We also built UpRising Social Action to show off the campaigns that participants developed. As a fantastic legacy of My Voice My Vote, this platform continues to be updated with the incredible social action campaigns our UpRisers deliver across all of our Programmes.


Luton, Bedford, Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent London and Birmingham.


"I was honoured to be asked to chair the youth hustings for UpRising. The quality of the questions and the engagement of the audience was remarkable and proof positive that young voters can be among the most passionate about politics of all members of society.
Candidates were put through their paces by the audience. None had an easy ride but all found it challenging and rewarding."
Andrew Russell, Head of Politics, The University of Manchester


My Voice My Vote was delivered in 2014-15.

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