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The Government.

Your education.

The place you live.

What you eat.

Who you are.


How can you have a say on the things that are decided for you?


The Programme


UpRising are on the hunt for future heros to shake things up. We will be running programmes in the West Midlands and Cardiff this year.


Find Your Voice will show you how to overcome the fear and let the world know what you care about.

Watch our one minute video to find out what past participants have said about Find Your Voice. 
You will:
  • Launch a digital campaign and make a film on issues you care about
  • Tell the big decision makers in your city what you really think
  • Explore your values and challenge yourself to learn new skills 


Most importantly, it's ENTIRELY free to take part

Check out some of the films that have been created by young people here: For The Youth and Mental Health.


“We looked a lot at ourselves [on the Programme]. This helped with my recent job app; I could express who I am and what I believe in. I got the role because of UpRising!”  UpRiser



Cardiff Find Your Voice Dates 
  • Monday 23rd July - Thursday 26th July 2018, plus an evening event on 2nd August 2018

Birmingham Find Your Voice Dates


First Programme

  • Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 30th July - 14th August 2018, plus an evening event on 4th September 2018

Second Programme

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 22nd August - 31st August 2018, plus an evening event on 4th September 2018.


Most sessions happen in the day time between 10am - 3pm. 

We will provide lunch and refreshments on all days, plus and very importantly support with your travel costs into Birmingham or Cardiff. 


“UpRising provided me with some of the best experiences of my life. I met inspirational leaders, made great friends and had a brilliant time.   I gained confidence in myself and my ability to make changes in my community.” UpRiser



We're accepting applicants from across the West Midlands and Cardiff.

The Programme happens at venues in Birmingham City Centre and Cardiff City Centre.



Aged 16-18 and live in the West Midlands or aged 16-21 and live in Cardiff?

Join The Movement: Apply or refer a future change maker here


Worried that you want make a difference, but you don't fit the bill or think that you're not experienced enough? 
Well, this is the Programme for you! We're not looking for the most genned up, amazing activists, pro-campaigners or Grade A students - we'll support and guide you every step of the way!

For Birmingham enquiries, contact our Find Your Voice Programme Manager, Cassie Smyth // 07899 931 477
For Cardiff enquiries, contact our Senior Programme Manager, James Ralph