Emerging Leaders NetworkEmerging Leaders Network

Emerging Leaders Network


UpRising's Alumni Programme, supporting our graduates across the UK, to continue to make a positive difference and achieve their leadership ambitions.

We provide our Alumni with exclusive professional development opportunities, a leadership conference, mentors and training.


"The UpRising Birmingham Team has become an extension of my family, of which I'm incredibly proud to be a part of since 2012 as a participant of the UpRising Leadership Programme.

It's through the encouragement of the team, peers, mentoring and coaching recieved through the programme that I've been able to unlock a confidence within me to take on further opportunities such as chairing and presenting UpRising events."

Marika Beckford, UpRising Aulmni and media professional

The Programme


Our unique and pioneering Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is a growing alumni group of over 1,100 talented, diverse and committed young people who exemplify a new generation of leaders.

All members of the network are graduates of our leadership programmes and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to positive social change on a local, national or international scale.



We facilitate training sessions and identify opportunities for our ELN members to be role models and change agents within their own local communities.

The ELN allows UpRising alumni to benefit from peer-to-peer support across the country and to harness the combined potential of the network to make a significant and positive contribution to the UK.


"In a wonderfully diverse range of ways, many UpRising graduates are now leaders in their own right with an incresible amount of collective knowledge and influence at their disposal.

The ELN provides a basis for harnessing this, creating opportunities for UpRising graduates to come together, share experiences, contacts and advice and keep growing and developing."

Henrietta Brealey, UpRising Alumni and Director of Policy and Strategic Relationships at The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.


Our Emerging Leaders Network runs across all of our locations.


"It's great to see the diversity of the young people involved and their ambitions for shaping the world around them. I could not recommend more highly the work that UpRising does."

Cllr Emily Spurrell, Liverpool City Council; Policy & Campaigns Manager, Liverpool Guild of Students


You can't apply to be on the Emerging Leaders Network, as you have to complete another UpRising programme first. Then you'll become eligible to access the opportunities and support the Emerging Leaders Network has to offer.

If you want to find out more about the Emerging Leaders Network email hello@uprising.org.uk or you can contact your local UpRising office directly by scrolling to the bottom of this page for their details.