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Mission Statement

One Million Mentor’s (1MM) mission is to transform the process of mentoring for all in the UK. Our ambition is to train, recruit and connect a million mentors to a million young people in order to increase youth employability, support social action and help break down social barriers.


1MM is currently a project within Uprising, a UK-wide youth leadership development organisation. 

The idea of 1MM is rooted in the most successful aspects of the UpRising Leadership Programme, in terms of allowing young people to broaden their horizons and take on leadership. Mentoring was a critical factor in enabling young people to do this. 1MM exists to support professionals to be effective mentors, by providing a convenient framework and structure. 1MM believe that by facilitating and investing in the goodwill of professionals, they can address the skills gap agenda and be an enabler of social cohesion. 1MM want to ensure that every young person in the country has access to trained mentor by right and not privilege, as they transition into adulthood.


1MM is a timely offer, given that young people in the UK are currently facing some of the worst economic prospects for generations. The impetus for 1MM comes from the recognition that there is significant opportunity to widen the scope of mentoring, increase the provision of mentoring to areas across the UK and generally strengthen the mentoring network by connecting existing organisations through the shared online platform.


1MM ran its pilot in Cardiff, London and Manchester during January to June 2017 which has now ended.

We are now operating in West Midlands and Greater Manchester in 2018.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or engaging as a partner please sign up here.