Youth-Led Social Action Gains MomentumYouth-Led Social Action Gains Momentum

Youth-Led Social Action Gains Momentum

Youth-Led Social Action Gains Momentum

August 2, 2018


Over the past few months, over 100 young people from Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Manchester launched their social action campaigns as part of the Environmental Leadership Programme and Leadership Programme.

Each campaign is chosen by a team of young people on a topic that matters to them. They use the valuable skills they have learned on the UpRising programme, including how to design, pitch and market a campaign, to make positive impact in their local communities. The aim is to engage at least 40 community members before the end of the programme. 


Campaigns are on topics that matter to young people


However, these campaigns don't just end at the end of the programme. Many UpRisers continue with their campaigns, motivated by the impact they have seen over just several months. Also, 1 in 5 UpRisers go on to set up a social enterprise or business, just showing how the tools for social action are used in the long term. 


1 in 5 UpRisers go on to set up a social enterprise or business


Here are just some of the fantastic campaigns from the 2017-18 cohort that are gaining momentum and need your support to continue making positive, representative change. 

If you want to get involved, either contact the campaign directly or contact the relevant regional staff team. 



Plog on Canals

Plog on Canals is a great example of a campaign idea that is simple, but can have a huge impact. The group has partnered with running clubs including Run Birmingham and Kings Heath Running Club to promote 'plogging' - picking up litter while jogging, along Birmingham's canal network. The group is looking to expand the campaign to more of Birmingham's green spaces. To become part of a supportive plogging community and share your stories visit their website






E.Mission created a web app for their social action campaign that gives users information about the carbon footprint associated with their diet. The group became so passionate about the idea that they are now planning to introduce carbon counting to the hospitality industry in the UK, "we want it to be commonplace for restaurants to print the carbon emissions of each meal on their menu".


In June, they secured a place on the West Midlands Climate-KIC EIT Accelerator programme which brings with it 10,000 Euro's of funding. With this, they're being given tailored support to develop their business model and bring the idea to market. E.Mission's goals for the next 12 months are to prove, in a series of trials, that the British public are ready to take action and change their diets to more environmentally sustainable food.


If you would like to know more about the project or think you might be able to support, please contact Check out their promo video.









Manchester Sustainable Development Goals Network

This campaign connects businesses in Manchester's Northern Quarter together for the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. They won UpRising's Dragon's Den, getting financial investment and support to grow their campaign. They are currently reaching out to businesses who want to get their sustainable initiatives noticed. If you're interested, get in touch with them via their Twitter account



Generation Mindset 

The Generation Mindset campaign aims to equip students to take ownership of their mental wellbeing and futures. They do this by delivering workshops in secondary schools and running programmes with selected pupils. They ran a series of workshops as part of their social action campaign, and the feedback was hugely positive, not only from the students attending but also from their peers and teachers who could see the improvements in their reactions and behaviour. 


The team are commited to continuing with their campaign, not only providing more workshops in secondary schools but also running a programme for selected pupils. They are currently looking for website investments and pro-bono advice. You can get in touch via their Twitter account or email




Images: E.Mission (Thumbnail), Danielle MacInnes (Banner)