Wondering how to attract, recruit and retain the best young talent?

Wondering how to attract, recruit and retain the best young talent?

February 10, 2020

Wondering how to attract, recruit and retain the best young talent? 


Us too. 


That’s why between 2015 and 2019, UpRising used our Fastlaners employability programme to ask young people about their experiences working and looking for work.   During this period we worked with 520 unemployed/underemployed young people (all aged 18-25) and delivered 32 Fastlaners programmes across Birmingham, London and Manchester


While working with young people to increase their employability skills on the Fastlaners programme, we were uniquely places to explore the barriers they face to gaining meaningful employment and routes to progression. Over 77% of participants were in employment, training, education or volunteering within six months of attending the programme! While our ultimate goal was to help these young people secure new opportunities, we believe our findings can change the way diverse and underrepresented young people experience recruitment. We have collected these findings into a report called ‘Recruiting and Retaining diverse, young talent’ and we’re excited to share this with both our alumni and our partners. 


This report discusses the major barriers that the young people we engage with find in securing employment, their thoughts on modern recruitment processes, and why they feel organisations struggle to retain young people once they are employed. It ends by looking at recommendations as to what they feel businesses could be doing better to support and engage young people in the workforce. 


We’re excited to share this report with you and make the process better for young people searching for meaningful employment. If you’re interested in speaking with us further about our work or being involved in the Fastlaners programme then we would love to hear from you!


Please contact our Programme Manager, Andrew Crisp, by emailing andrew.crisp@uprising.org.uk or calling 07943 632 046. 


Please click here to download your copy. 


UpRising’s Fastlaners programme was supported by The Queen’s Young Leaders and Comic Relief to deliver employability programmes across Birmingham, London and Manchester.