Unlocking the talent of young people

Unlocking the talent of young people

July 26, 2019

After a month of criss-crossing the country, our final 2018/19 graduation took place last night and our UpRisers join the ranks of our over 4,000-strong alumni. A friend of mine said to me today he was glad he attended as he would have hated to have missed out on such an inspiring evening with young people who gave him hope and optimism for our future. He's not alone in sharing this view.

Having made the transition from chief cheerleader for UpRising to chief executive, I’ve had a busy but energising few weeks joining these events. Our graduations bring to life the difference we make in transforming the lives of our young people.

The change you see in the young people is incredible and inspiring: the skills they have learned, the knowledge they have gained, the networks that have opened up to them, and the confidence they now hold. 

But our work with our UpRisers is far from finished.  We still have a lot to do together to fight opportunity hoarding, to level the playing field, to create equality of outcome and to change the face of power.  Thanks to the work of our speakers and mentors, our UpRisers are now equipped to be the campaigners, activists and change makers in our communities and our country.  They will step up to be school and college governors, charity trustees, elected to councils, Assemblies and Parliaments.  They will continue to support each other, and as Emma said at our London graduation “because leadership isn’t what you do for yourself, but what we can do together”.

The team at UpRising now turn their focus to securing the funding to sustain our programmes so we can keep unlocking the talent of our young people (you can donate at https://uprising.charitycheckout.co.uk/#!/). 

Our young people deserve a great future, and will play their part in securing it.  They must have faith in themselves and seize every opportunity.  They will change their communities and our country for the better.  Their continued success will be an immense source of pride for us, our supporters and our country.  They graduate with our best wishes and our highest hopes.

John Lehal

CEO, UpRising