Top Ten Reasons to Join the UpRising Leadership Programme

Top Ten Reasons to Join the UpRising Leadership Programme

December 20, 2017

The UpRising Leadership Programme develops young leaders of tomorrow between the ages of 19 and 25.

The UpRising Leadership Programme involves ‘access behind the scenes’ sessions with some of the UK’s most senior leaders and offers participants a unique first-hand view of the way politicians, business, media, public servants and community organisations work together to make decisions that shape our lives. Through this programme, you will develop the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, NETWORKS, and CONFIDENCE to reach your leadership potential.

Your cohort of 35 young people will meet one evening fortnightly for 6 months. Each participant is individually matched with a coach and/or mentor to support you during your leadership journey.  Finally, you will put your knowledge and skills into action by designing and delivering your very own social action campaign with new found friends on an issue you care deeply about!

10. It's Free!

How often do people throw free opportunities your way that will change your life? I mean, who does that? This guy (points thumbs at self)! UpRising wants to give ambitious 19-25 year olds, who otherwise might not have access to these opportunities, free leadership training. A place on the programme is valued at £2000.

9. Change the face of power in the UK

Do you ever look at the people in power and wonder: “where are the people that share my views? Are these people really making decisions for me?” UpRising programmes are committed to developing diverse, socially conscious leaders of tomorrow in order to change the power landscape in the UK.

8. Make lifelong friends!

Are you that friend that wants to change everyone for the better? Do your friends just not get that YOU are the generation that needs to make a difference and THE FUTURE IS NOW?! You’re not alone!  Meet other people who feel the same way :)

7. Have an impact

What are you passionate about? Climate Change? Poverty? Discrimination? In this programme, YOU get to choose your project, and UpRising will guide you through the process of how to plan and deliver a social action campaign with a sustainable impact. With your group, you can make a real change in your local community.

6. Gain knowledge and skills

Our participatory style of learning through workshops and social action campaigns will leave you with knowledge and skills that you just can’t get from a traditional education. In knowledge sessions you will learn from top experts in their fields, and skill sessions allow you to make mistakes in a safe learning environment.

5. Come out of your shell!

85% of UpRisers drastically improve their confidence. Do you have an idea, but lack the confidence to put it in motion? Once you gain knowledge & skills and have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a Dragons’ Den panel, your confidence will be soaring. There will be no stopping you!

4. Get up close and personal with local leaders

Is everyone around you getting opportunities because they know the right people? Now it’s your turn! UpRising allows you to learn from experts and senior industry professionals in intimate Q&A and World Cafe style sessions. Don't worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, we’ll teach you the networking skills, so you can apply them at each session. Our speakers are always happy to help young people succeed, and you can partner with a local organisation to help with your social action campaign. You can also choose to be paired with a 1:1 mentor to share their expertise and give you advice on your chosen career path.

3. Kick start your career

Two-thirds of UpRisers gained employment following our Leadership Programme. Not only does the programme look boss on a CV, but you will also network with people that can help kick start your career. And the opportunities don’t stop there! Even as an alumni, there are always professional development opportunities coming your way.

2. Figure out what to do with your life

One of the hardest things in life is finding your why. Most people aren’t in their dream jobs. The Leadership Programme offer such a diverse range of topics - from politics to community, from media to the environment or business - that one of them is bound to spark your interest. You can also access a coach that will help you narrow down your options, or work with you on other personal development goals.

1. Why Not?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I bet you can’t list one reason not to apply. Just go for it!
Apply now for the Birmingham and West London programmes beginning January 2018.
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