Top 5 Reasons to Join Fastlaners & Secure Your Dream Job!

Top 5 Reasons to Join Fastlaners & Secure Your Dream Job!

May 9, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Join Fastlaners & Secure Your Dream Job!


Are you 18-25? Looking for your dream job?  UpRising's Fastlaners programme on employability and self development can help!

Fastlaners is a free 5-6 day course that equips you with the tools, techniques and inspiration to secure a job that you love. The programme will supercharge your confidence, skills and knowledge using a whole person approach to finding meaningful employment.

The Programme will take place in Birmingham, Manchester and London during the May & June 2019. 

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Reason #5: Refresh Your Motivation!

Job searching and dealing with rejection can be soul crushing :(. Gain a new set of skills, network of professionals and supportive peers to keep you progressing towards that dream job.


"The fastlaners program was a hugely significant for me. Not only because of the input you and everyone gave on CV's and interviews and networking etc. but almost primarily because it got me motivated! Job hunting can be so depressing and it can be easy to lose any sort of motivation but Fastlaners got me excited again." Toby 2017


Reason #4: It's FREE!

You may have spent all your money on education, but now it's time to invest in yourself! Invest in a programme that works:  89% of Fastlaners secure employment or training in 6 months. How often do people throw free opportunities your way that will change your life? I mean, who does that? This guy (points thumbs at self)! UpRising wants to give ambitious 18-25 year olds, who otherwise might not have access to these opportunities, free employability training.

"I can't believe this programme was completely free. I've learnt more on this programme about what I want to do than I have done in the years I've spent at University." Tevin, 2018


Reason #3: Come out of your shell!

100% of Fastlaners said the programme increased their confidence. That's no fluke. Join us & gain the confidence to ace your interviews. You’ll get a chance to practice your skills during mock interviews with real businesses and employers in your area, where you’ll receive solid, practical feedback from a professional business leader. You’ll also learn tips and techniques on how to answer concisely whilst delivering your unique personality.

"I didn't realise that just by saying yes to this programme that I would leave feeling that I am capable and confident." Sabeeka, 2019


Reason #2: 121 Mentoring!

Get personalised advice from someone who has been there done that in YOUR field. What's more motivating than your own personal cheerleader? As part of the programme, you’ll receive 3 months of mentoring and on-to-one support.

The benefits of having a mentor are well known within employment. When M&S noticed that a high proportion of graduates were resigning after finishing their programme they implemented a mentoring scheme. It involved senior managers mentoring recent graduates and it resulted in a 70% drop in graduate resignations and an increase in internal appointments to senior roles. Having a mentor can help you gain practical advice, encouragement and support. It can increase your social and academic confidence and help you develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues.

Reason #1: Meet Experts!

Learn the skills & tools to expand your professional network, and meet influential speakers who are experts in their fields.  Is everyone around you getting opportunities because they know the right people? Now it’s your turn! UpRising allows you to learn from experts and senior industry professionals in intimate Q&A and workshop style sessions. Don't worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, we’ll teach you the networking skills, so you can apply them at each session.

Our speakers are always happy to help young people succeed! 60% of the programme is taught by locally based professionals in each region who don’t just talk the talk but sprint the walk.

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