Rediscovering what I really love to do: diary of lockdown

Rediscovering what I really love to do: diary of lockdown

April 9, 2020

Times like this really challenge us. What we always give for granted has been stripped away from us in the blink of an eye. Work. Freedom. Travel. Security. I bet most of you, just like myself, had to rearrange all your plans and expectations for the next little while.


If your schedule looks anything like, mine… it’s something like: Do work. Binge social media. Eat. Repeat. 

Initially I was actually pretty excited about this whole lockdown thing. The first few days were all about catching up on sleep, embracing the true joy of spending some quality time at home, and doing stuff you don’t normally have the time to do (aka doing nothing at all). And it was all GREAT. After a while though, there is not much enjoyment in that anymore. For me, this is when the lockdown blues started kicking in.

I thought: what does a millennial do when it has a problem? Well, ask Google, right? So, tell me, Google: How do I survive a quarantine?

Turns out, you can do LOADS of stuff. Hundreds of articles have popped up online with tons of suggestions. From PE with Joe, to virtual tours of some of the best museums in Europe, to audiobooks and podcasts, free online knitting courses, and the list goes on. 

My wish here is not to list the possibilities that are out there: I’ll let Google tell you that. But I want to offer my perspective on the expectations that are created for us (and that we create ourselves) for this lockdown.

By scrolling social media, seeing my friend’s posts and reading articles I felt like the main message was this: you can do anything you were doing before, and better. And more.

There is a sort of pressure associated with doing stuff, because we have the time, the resources and we have (hardly) any distractions.

We are living through an unprecedented, challenging time that is testing all of us. We have to adapt, change our habits and our behaviour. This is not easy! As human beings, this is really energy-depleting. Therefore, there should not be so much pressure on getting things done.

I didn’t want any of this pressure myself. I figured out the first, important thing I needed to do. Get rid of the SHOULD’s:

I SHOULD go on a daily run

I SHOULD do all my backlogged work because, well, I have the time now.

I SHOULD take up a new skill 

I SHOULD check up on all my friends and family daily


I wrote them down and… binned them. 

I took a different perspective and decided to make this quarantine about discovering (or re-discovering?) what I love. This lockdown has brought something really good and much needed, which is a lot of time to think and focus on ourselves (any over-thinkers out there?).

What about making every day about what I WANT to do? What if I tried to wake up every day and only do what I LOVE? Wouldn’t that be more…pleasant? Perhaps even more productive!

For me, some days it means just embrace my couch-potato soul and do some serial-snacking. Some days, I do all my work and clean all the house (twice). Some days, I follow Google’s advice on some new, awesome online thing. And that’s ok like this.

Who knows when all of this will be over? But if there is one thing that I would like to take away from these crazy times is not the amount of work I get done, but the discovery of what I really love to do.

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Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash