My sexuality? That didn’t even matter.

My sexuality? That didn’t even matter.

June 28, 2019


As a male from a South Asian background, I am part of the first generation of British born within my family. Coming from India, my parents didn’t know much about the U.K. educational curriculum, not having experienced it themselves. Growing up, I was given advice from my elder siblings, as they were all I had for support concerning education and careers – however, they were still figuring out the U.K. system themselves.


Initially, my sexuality had no part to play in my career choices but it did affect my confidence. I was always afraid to explore new opportunities, for fear of being judged.


As I got older, I’d like to say that I blossomed, and I became comfortable with my sexuality. This only began once I started making new decisions, not following what my friends were doing and pushing myself to try new and creative pursuits. Being a teacher is what I had always seen myself doing, but that changed once I realized that, although I loved teaching, I was doing it to please everyone else around me.


I first joined the Leadership Programme with UpRising upon starting my final year of university. My peers and coaches were all so inspiring, and they contributed massively to my self-development and discovery. I was around numerous like-minded people, and through the programme we collectively developed.


For me personally, my confidence was at its highest.



This was when I was made aware of the Fastlaners programme and it came at the perfect time.


I began the Fastlaners programme at a point in which I was incredibly lost – I asked myself: “Am I good enough for what I want to achieve?” and “If I commit to my dream, how do I go about getting it?” Fastlaners has really prepared me for the working world, I could not be more grateful for all that I’ve learnt. In particular, I now know that it’s about the person you are; if you believe in your ability and are passionate, you can be a contender for any position – as long as you work hard enough for it. I was introduced to so many amazing people on the programme, who taught me; how to make the perfect CV, the best ways to search, and apply for jobs, as well as succeed in interviews and assessment centres. Most of us aren’t prepared for how to launch our careers, we aren’t taught about all the little mistakes you can make, and I had never even experienced a real face to face interview – it opened my eyes entirely.


Joining the Fastlaners programme has really taught me a lot about myself; about how confident I actually am and what I am capable of as a result. I was never treated differently for my sexuality, that didn’t even matter. I was there as an individual, learning new skills for my professional development, just as everyone else. I felt that I was a valued member of a team, and I am so grateful for how much Fastlaners has equipped me for my upcoming graduate job applications and interviews. I can’t recommend Fastlaners and UpRising enough.


Thank you! x


Photo by Yannis Papanastasopoulos on Unsplash