Four UpRisers Received Awards from the Roy Anthony Reid Foundation

Four UpRisers Received Awards from the Roy Anthony Reid Foundation

August 2, 2018

The Roy Anthony Reid Foundation's mission is to recognise, support and inspire the cultural, social, emotional and educational development of young people of the African Caribbean diaspora, who live in the West Midlands and Caribbean. 


Our UpRisers were recognised with the following awards:


Diandra McCalla - Outstanding Citizenship Achievement

Melinda Gozho - Outstanding Citizenship Achievement

Olive Kimpiab - Outstanding Creative Ability

Andrew Ologunebi - Outstanding Creative Ability


Olive and Melinda both reflect on their awards. 

"It was amazing talking to other awardees about their achievements and I couldn’t help but be proud to be an awardee amongst so many other talented young people. The level of acknowledgement we received for all of our efforts during the ceremony was really encouraging and an unmissable experience." 

Olive Kimpiab


"It was great knowing that someone recognised my work and thought that I was deserving of such an amazing award. Finding out that I’d won the award was one of my happiest moments as it’s my first ever award. The awards evening was fun! I was able to experience the Caribbean culture through food and performances by very talented young people as well as learn more about the amazing work the foundation has done such as setting up bursary’s for schools, providing educational resources and launching competitions. I was very honoured to receive an award alongside other awardees who have done various inspiring things!"

Melinda Gozho

We are so proud of their achievements, and know that they are an inspiration to fellow UpRisers too.