Cardiff ELP visit to Amelia Trust Farm

Cardiff ELP visit to Amelia Trust Farm

December 20, 2018


On Tuesday 11th December we took a group from our Environmental Leadership Programme to Amelia Trust Farm near Barry. 

During the visit our young people explored woodland trails and got to meet a range of animals including pigs, donkeys, rabbits, and alpacas. 

This visit was organised to compliment the programme curriculum and to give our young people an opportunity to see community projects in action. 

Participant Aiden Grist commented, 'I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at Amelia Trust Farm with the UpRising group, talking to fellow UpRisers, searching for gnomes and learning more about the work that goes on at the farm.

I particularly liked walking the nature trail, as the grey December sky and light drizzle seemed to accentuate the rich green hue of the moss covered wood that is located on site.

I believe that taking time to be out in nature is so incredibly important, particularly for urban dwellers, as we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural environment and this is affecting our desire and ability to care for it. Until you actually see the effects of habitat loss and degradation, or litter pollution in a stream, for instance, it is difficult for many people to appreciate the damage that humans are causing to the environment. But observing this requires regular and meaningful contact. In addition, from an individual perspective, being in the natural environment provides a range of soft, mild stimuli that can be very helpful for peace of mind and emotional wellbeing.' 

Our next visit is planned for Tuesday 26th March when we will be taking a group to Lamby Way Recycling Centre in Cardiff.


The UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme is part of Our Bright Future which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund