Alumni inspire current UpRisers to become entrepreneurs

Alumni inspire current UpRisers to become entrepreneurs

August 2, 2018

In June, Birmingham UpRisers got the opportunity to attend a Future of Entrepreneurship breakfast event, hosted by UpRising alumna Henrietta Brealey at The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.


Daniel Bridgewater, Alumnus, Former Trustee, and Social Entrepreneur, speaks to UpRisers

Henrietta, an alumna of the 2010-2011 Birmingham cohort, is the Director of Policy and Strategic Relationships at The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. When appointed in 2015, Henrietta was only 25, becoming one of the youngest directors in the organisation's history. Henrietta said that UpRising had the single biggest impact on her career, helping give her the skills, networks and confidence to get where she is today. For example, it was through her UpRising mentor that she was first introduced to The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce! 


The Future of Entrepreneurship event was a lively panel discussion about Greater Birmingham's start-up successes and what the future holds for the region's entrepreneurs. UpRisers were thrilled to hear from numerous entrepreneurs, with our very own UpRising alumnus and former Trustee Daniel Bridgewater speaking at the event. Daniel, who also graduated in 2011, is now Founder and CEO of Buckt, the UK's only tickets and activities subscription box. He was also the winner of the Future Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017. 


We are so happy to see alumni inspiring the current generation of UpRisers to follow their dreams, and it looks like the UpRisers themselves felt the same: 

"Many thanks to Henrietta Brealey for giving me the chance to attend the speaker breakfast:The Future of Entrepreneurship. It was a great opportunity to hear from existing entrepreneurs; Andy Smythe, Daniel Bridgewater and Mick Westman, providing a greater insight into Birmingham's ever growing entrepreneurial spirit."

Duquarne, Leadership Programme

 "The morning was enlightening. It was so refreshing to be in a room of successful business owners and not feeling like you are of lesser importance. They created a safe space where I felt comfortable to ask questions and receive advice without feeling like I was bothering anyone or wasting anyone’s time, I made personal and professional connections that I will always remain grateful for." 

Olive, Environmental Leadership Programme, Founder of Parallel Art


Images: RawPixel, Danielle MacInnes, UpRising