Marya Ali

Marya Ali

Marya is the London Programme Coordinator, currently delivering the Environmental Leadership Programme. Before joining UpRising she worked in the Civil Service for three years.

One of Marya’s main passions is working with young people to help them create positive change. She is a UK Youth Voice National Board Member, representing the views of young people on various platforms. She is also a Mental Health Champion for Time to Change and a Peer Educator at the British Red Cross, having previously volunteered as a Refugee Support Caseworker.

Marya has also volunteered in the ICS programme in Zambia, and has delivered girls empowerment projects in her local community and schools in Peterborough.

Marya holds a BA in Criminology and Sociology from University of Westminster, graduating in 2015.

In her spare time she enjoys running, binging on Netflix and attending spoken word poetry events.