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Climate Change and Water

Watching documentaries about climate change and fast fashion was my entry point to learning about environmental issues, yet they tend to paint the picture that it is poorer and hotter climates that will suffer from its effects. However, since joining UpRising’s Environmental Leadership Programme (ELP), I have learnt how prominent environmental issues are within my community and the sizeable change that a small group of individuals can initiate.

Thank you to our volunteers!

“There are many benefits to volunteering in the community, more than just the person on the receiving end of the assistance. It empowers the volunteer too, you have a purpose in life, it makes me feel good for helping others and learning from the person(s) you are assisting/coaching. Having a greater, more in depth understanding of someone else’s world can only enrich your own. It’s a privilege to touch the lives of others in such a positive way.”

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