Get to know Fastlaners!

Get to know Fastlaners!

Ever wondered what we do on the Fastlaners programme? Keep on reading to find out what we got up to on our most recent programme in London!


Over the course of the two weeks we were lucky enough to visit a diverse range of organisation, including Peckham Levels, Bauer Media, The Civil Service, Softwire, Birkbeck University and Comic Relief. This gave the participants a real opportunity to learn about and engage with a variety of different businesses. More than anything, this was designed to give our participants a better understanding of the kinds of jobs that are available to them.


As with all of our programmes, the main focus was then on the employability workshops that we ran. We want to make sure that every participant of the programme leaves feeling more confident and better equipped to secure employment. To give a few examples of the kinds of things we did this time around, we had an afternoon learning key networking skills, some assessment centre tasks from The Civil Service and an interview skills session delivered by Bauer Media. We also had several opportunities to network with and ask questions to staff from several of the organisations, which was hugely helpful in building up the networks of all of the participants.

Support is ongoing once the programme ends as well, with participants able to come to the Fastlaners Programme Manager for help with their applications and in preparing for job interviews.



Interested in joining? Our next programmes are going to be running on the following dates in November:

London: 19th – 23rd November

Birmingham: 12th – 21st November

Manchester: 12th  16th November

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