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UpRising Today

In 2018 UpRising will be 10 years old. That represents a decade of leadership development, employability programmes, democratic engagement and social action delivery to over 3,300 young people from under-represented backgrounds from all over the UK.


The need for UpRising isn’t going away. On the one hand, there’s the continued loss of youth and community services, combined with high-levels of poverty that are often associated with poor social outcomes.


Whilst, on the other, leadership continues to be unrepresentative. Even though the results of 2017’s General Election brought us the most diverse Parliament ever which is certainly progress to celebrate, the majority of those with power in this country come from a narrow range of backgrounds.


By some measures, we are actually going backwards. A study published in 2016, found that people born in the 1980s are the first post-war cohort not to start their working years with higher incomes than their immediate predecessors.


The progress on inclusive growth is evidently slow.  Unless we have an intervention, to tackle the root cause of under-representative leadership, we will continue to see enormous pockets of talent in our country, that do not have the chance to shine.


Our consultations show -  young people from under-represented backgrounds feel that they lack the skills, knowledge, networks and confidence  - but with support, are willing and able to make a difference in their community.


UpRising creates a channel of public leaders who reflect and represent the communities they serve; with the motivation and character to bring about a substantial shift in power, enabling more people to take charge of their future and make positive change in the world around them.

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