Vlad Ionete

Engagement Trainee

What is your motivation working for UpRising?

I have come to know UpRising as a participant on the 2020 Fastlaners programme. I was impressed by the team’s welcoming and friendly approach to working and I consider myself lucky to now be part of the UpRising team. I am motivated by the charity’s commitment to help young people succeed in their own personal way and I am glad to be working on what I believe to be one of the top issues in 2021 – youth unemployment in this very difficult environment. As a young person myself, I have found that it is very important to have a sense of direction and be valued for what you are and your potential, especially when the world seems to be such a mess. This said, I am very happy to work on giving young people a fair chance to succeed in the job market and find their own path.

What were you doing before working for UpRising?

I did quite a few things in the last years, varying from a photojournalism internship to volunteer food courier and being unemployed, but also had a brief spell as a PhD student which I wasn’t prepared for. I can say that I am still finding my feet and I am doing my best to enjoy the journey.

What is one piece of advice you would give your 18-year-old self?

Don’t think that life will turn out exactly as you imagined and learn to embrace what comes. You’ll probably get where you want to be, but it won’t be a straightforward journey.