Amy Drake

Head of Development 

As Head of Development, Amy leads our fundraising strategy with the aim of building stability and growth thanks to our donors and partners.

What is your motivation for working at UpRising?

I want to be part of a movement that is creating leaders who reflect the diversity of our country and understand that leadership is about thinking what you can do for others. The young people we work with go on to be socially conscious leaders with the desire to give back to their community. The incredible social action campaigns which are created by our UpRisers are innovative, thoughtful and are making a real difference. That motivates me everyday. 

What were you doing before you worked at UpRising?

Persuading people. Prior to UpRising I worked in a number of different roles in lobbying, policy and fundraising in both the private and third sector, but what threads these roles together is a desire to persuade people they should care about a particular issue. When there are so many issues are competing for attention, you need to stop and tell people why your cause matters and why it is important. Most recently, I have been trying to persuade people to care about building a cohesive community, genocide remembrance and the importance of saying thank you.

 What is one piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self?

Surround yourself with good people who inspire you and lift you up. Take time to find your tribe but don't worry about making everyone like you. Not everyone will and that's ok.