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Get involved

One Million Mentors is a timely approach in a post-Brexit era, where we have seen deep divisions between generations and social classes being exposed in our country and internationally.

"At a time of great anxiety about what the future holds for the next generation, we need a national effort to recruit and train a million mentors to help young people in our country. We must make sure that young people are given the opportunity to use their talent, skills and passion to make a positive contribution to our society. Many of us have benefitted, at some point in our lives, from family, friends or colleagues who gave us words of encouragement or professional advice in order to make life changing decisions. We want to ensure all young people in the UK benefit from high quality mentoring to help them prepare for the world of work. We believe the full potential of One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, promoting social mobility and social cohesion."

Rushanara Ali MP Co-Founder of UpRising and Founding Chair of One Million Mentors


In January 2017, One Million Mentors will launch pilots across 3 cities:  London, Manchester and Cardiff. 

To become a one in a million mentor you need to be either a professional/retired professional, be prepared to give an hour per month for 12 months and complete the mandatory online training. 

The offer to you, the mentor, is:

  • Free access to high quality online mentor training
  • Free face to face training in your local area
  • Access to relevant resources and good practice in mentoring in the UK and internationally
  • Ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationship

If you are an employer interested in getting involved, the benefits to your company are:

  • Enhanced professional development for staff
  • Opportunities to identify and support new talent in local communities
  • Utilising in house professional talents, skills and experiences effectively in order to prepare the future workforce to be able to enter the workplace
  • Opportunities for staff to ‘come out of the bubble’ and engage meaningfully with a diverse range of people

If you are interested in taking part in our pilots and would like to receive further information please contact

Click here to visit our website.