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Get involved

We ran our pilot programme from February to June 2017 in London, Manchester and Cardiff to test our offer. The pilot attracted mentors from a wide range of sectors, all eager to support and offer their advice to a young person. Nearly 600 people across the three cities signed up to mentor. Click here to read an evaluation report of the pilot.


We have learnt that:


  • The 1MM mentoring offer can be a good staff development opportunity.
  • 1MM can connect employers with local talent in their communities.
  • Mentoring is a mutually beneficial experience.
  • The motivations for mentoring are related to self-development, social mobility and the improvement of community cohesion.
  • We’ve received very positive feedback about the platform, our training and resources.


‘The 1MM training is amazing. As someone who has done a bit of mentoring, but not in a structured way, to suddenly have that training was amazing. I was impressed by how easy the website was to follow.’

Tom Westcott, Lawyer, Manchester


One Million Mentors is currently piloting in the West Midlands in collaboration with Mayor Andy Street, to recruit, train and deploy 1000 mentors across the region. 1MM looks forward to expanding the pilot in Manchester in January 2018. 


Learn more about our current programmes here.


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