Black Lives Matter

1 July 2020

We are not only experiencing a COVID-19 crisis but also a humanity crisis. It is no secret that Black people all over the world have been facing racial injustice and racial profiling. With the recent murder of George Floyd, taking a stand is fundamental. Being silent is dangerous. 

The Institute of Race Relations provides statistics which show that in a year ‘there were 47,571 ‘racist incidents’ recorded by the police in England and Wales. On average, it is about 130 incidents per day. Another 37,484 were recorded as race hate crimes’. Although these numbers are staggering, there are many more which have been unreported. 

If equality and solidarity is what we all stand for then it is everyone’s duty to speak up against injustice. You may be wondering… how best can we support the Black community? The answer is quite simple. 


Listen to what ethnic minority groups have to say and be open to learning more about their experiences through honest conversations. Ask how you can provide support.

Use Your Voice

Your voice is the most powerful tool to create a change in our society. Small steps create a big impact. 

If you see racist material online or witness racist behaviour in public or directed towards a friend or colleague, speak up if you’re able to! Say something. Report it. Raise awareness offline and online. 


Support organisations and initiatives which do the work and deal with issues affecting Black and ethnic minority communities. It doesn’t always have to be a donation – offering your time and presence is equally as important and valuable.

Keep Educating Yourself

Read articles and books that may help you gain a more in-depth understanding of racial discrimination and share the knowledge in your social circles. It’s never too late to learn something new and challenge ourselves to do better.

Remember, this is not just a temporary phase, this is an attitude we all need to adopt in order to create a respectful and fair society for all, whilst promoting equal opportunity and diversity. 

Let’s not just be bystanders, let’s be active participants. It’s better to say or do something, than nothing at all.  

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