Hafsa sitting on a sofa

Hafsa Ali

Operations Officer

What is your motivation for working at UpRising?

The work UpRising does with young people serves a true purpose and I think it’s a great opportunity for young people to feel empowered in making positive changes within their communities through the programmes UpRising offers.

In a workplace context – there’s great team spirit and everyone is appreciated for their individual contribution at UpRising.

What were you doing before you worked at UpRising? 

I worked for Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service (THCVS) which is an independent membership organisation for voluntary, community faith and social enterprise organisations in Tower Hamlets. Prior to that, I worked for Primary Care trust NHS.

What is one piece of advice you would give your 18-year-old self?

Enjoy being young, make the most of it and just be spontaneous. As you get older, things become more and more scheduled out so embrace the fact that you aren’t there yet.